With or without you by U2 is a song about a man at breaking point realizing that he cant go on in his current state it is very clear that his relationship is very one sided as he waits for her and always wants more out of their relationship but she doesn’t return the love […]

Rudy is a prominent character in the book thief as he is the optimal perfect Arian boy Hitlers dream of Germany his new generation although there is a problem as rudy hates Hitler and what he stands for as shown in the documentary the youth of Germany where unaware of the atrocities that Hitler was committing and so most of them saw him […]

Empire of the sun by J.G Ballard is a fiction novel depicting Ballard’s experiences during world war ll. The story is of a young boy named James Graham, which are Ballards two first names. James is from a well-off family and lives a sheltered life in the rich suburbs of Shanghai. However, when the country […]

Leisel Survivalist attitude towards life and loves Germany but doesn’t feel safe due to Hitler’s reign. Is sheltered and does not like to feel vulnerable which is hard given what is happening on a global scale at the time. Is a scared child and has trouble connecting with others because they haven’t been in the same […]

Heart and Mind Book Response The poem “heart and mind,” by Edith Sitwell embodies the endless debate between the qualities represented by the terms “Heart” and “Mind” or perhaps body and soul. Heart seems to be a symbol of the emotive and passionate side of humanity, and mind of the more cold, rational side. This […]

Personal response I believe that overall the descriptive technique and chosen vocabulary pushed the text “The girl with the dragon tattoo,” by Stieg Larsson past the fantastic screenplay directed by David Fincher. Both texts cover the story of Mikael Blomkvist a reporter in Sweden who recently lost a lot of money to a lawsuit .with […]

what has been included in the text. Images:there are multiple images in the text for instance “coughing like hags,”creates the image of a group of men trudging through the mud struggling to breathe as they may have just escaped a gas cloud “drunk with fatigue,”reiterates this as they would be struggling to walk from exhaustion.”an […]

Anthem for Doomed Youth-by Wilfred Owen Task One:“These who die as cattle,”-soldiers could be seen by their superiors as expendable in numbers as they are compared with cattle.this makes the reader feel anger towards the superiors of the army because they do not respect the soldiers who fight for them. “Rifles rapid rattle,”-this creates the […]

Exposure by Wilfred Owen The poem exposure is a poem about surviving the elements and the pointlessness of war also the  The first stanza give the reader an image of soldiers in the winter trying to advance through the war zone always on edge as they don’t know if enemies will find them”silence, sentries, whisper […]

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