During my trip to America, I was told to find out about American culture in Detroit, Michigan. I decided to stay with a local family to grasp the sense of community in this progressive city. I was staying with a man named Jeff. Jeff looked like the sereotypical american man white, bald , with lots […]

Tourist drivers are responsible for 26 fatal accidents a year. 26 lives lost because tourists are uneducated concerning the conditions on our roads. I’ve heard numerous stories and read many articles that all share the same message, namely that tourists need to be tested before they drive on our roads. However, there are two sides […]

Be There: You look back to the life you lived yesterday, the bustling city a powerhouse of media and retail. The year passed you by and it’s time to escape. You drove for hours passing forests and farms, with the occasional mountain in between, through towns and cities, you witnessed their stale continuous lives.  Finally, […]

Life of Pi by Yann Martel The story is of a sixteen-year-old boy whom is involved in a maritime accident and ends up on a lifeboat with a zebra a hyena an orangutang and a tiger. The story is of Pi surviving on a boat for 227 days trying to find out why the god he praises […]

In Owen Sheers “Coming Home” Sheers makes multiple use of metaphor to convey the theme of separation between parents and children which creates a longing for the past. I feel that the family wishes they were in the past when their son was still a boy. This poem contrasts childhood and adulthood and more generally […]

With or without you by U2 is a song about a man at breaking point realizing that he cant go on in his current state it is very clear that his relationship is very one sided as he waits for her and always wants more out of their relationship but she doesn’t return the love […]

Rudy is a prominent character in the book thief as he is the optimal perfect Arian boy Hitlers dream of Germany his new generation although there is a problem as rudy hates Hitler and what he stands for as shown in the documentary the youth of Germany where unaware of the atrocities that Hitler was committing and so most of them saw him […]

Empire of the sun by J.G Ballard is a fiction novel depicting Ballard’s experiences during world war ll. The story is of a young boy named James Graham, which are Ballards two first names. James is from a well-off family and lives a sheltered life in the rich suburbs of Shanghai. However, when the country […]

Leisel Survivalist attitude towards life and loves Germany but doesn’t feel safe due to Hitler’s reign. Is sheltered and does not like to feel vulnerable which is hard given what is happening on a global scale at the time. Is a scared child and has trouble connecting with others because they haven’t been in the same […]

Heart and Mind Book Response The poem “heart and mind,” by Edith Sitwell embodies the endless debate between the qualities represented by the terms “Heart” and “Mind” or perhaps body and soul. Heart seems to be a symbol of the emotive and passionate side of humanity, and mind of the more cold, rational side. This […]