Survivalist attitude towards life and loves Germany but doesn’t feel safe due to Hitler’s reign.
Is sheltered and does not like to feel vulnerable which is hard given what is happening on a global scale at the time.
Is a scared child and has trouble connecting with others because they haven’t been in the same situations as her and are unable to relate to her pain.
Takes a while to trust people
Only loves people who she can trust and fears and is quite innocent and ignorant but at the same time uses her past experiences to survive

doesn’t understand what is happening in the world at the moment and doesn’t agree with what the nation is doing at the time but she knows she can’t influence what the nation does.
Is an all-loving character who doesn’t fear being hurt by others and is rather selfless in the way that he puts himself before others for example when the Jews were being kicked out of their businesses.
Hans is seen by the community by some as loving and by some, he is seen as a fool by showing too much emotion and therefore he is seen as too open for attack

when Hans returns from the war he effects are shown as he can no longer hear the notes as he plays the accordion this is also shown by his change in hairstyle which shows he has returned from the war but it has also changed him in the process
She is the strict character everybody needs in order to grow up strong she appears on the outside as insensitive and frustrated due to Liesel’s brother’s death but on the inside it is clear to see that she loves Liesel and Hans unlimitedly even though Hans is seen as a fool she still loves him and when Hans is sent to war the love is transferred to Liesel as Liesel is a symbol of what Hans stands for and many of his attributes have carried through to him.
Rosa doesnt like rudy as he is trouble and will get her killed

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