Rudy is a prominent character in the book thief as he is the optimal perfect Arian boy Hitlers dream of Germany his new generation although there is a problem as rudy hates Hitler and what he stands for as shown in the documentary the youth of Germany where unaware of the atrocities that Hitler was committing and so most of them saw him as a god. Rudy was part of the Hitler youth group and when competing in the Hitler youth carnival Rudy won 3 of his races and could’ve won 4 but forfeited as he didn’t think he was as good as his hero Jesse Owens who won 4 events at the Berlin Olympics.after the performance rudy is scouted by the Nazi elite academy but Rudy doesn’t want to leave so he runs away.through out the whole book rudy loves leisel infinitely and allthough being constantly denied he is still persistant and when himmel street is bombed rudy dies and leisel realises shes lost her best friend and love when she sees him lying in the

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