5th March 2019


During my trip to America, I was told to find out about American culture in Detroit, Michigan. I decided to stay with a local family to grasp the sense of community in this progressive city. I was staying with a man named Jeff. Jeff looked like the sereotypical american man white, bald , with lots of meaningless tatoos. I followed Jeff through his day to day learning about the abundant American elephant.Jeff was deeply involved in the community of Detroit in which he lead a group called the NSM, which seems to be some sort of social club.

But Jeff is a family man setting up recruitment for the kids in his “Viking youth corp” teaching and mentoring the little kids to become “better warriors”. letting them spread the good word across the nation through schools and retirement villages doing cookie sales and sausage sizzles to give back to the fuher. They also do jamborees where the most popular activity is minimalistic face painting. However in recent years they have unfortunately removed the mudslide as many of the kids who took part were mistaken and were asked to “leave”.

He told me that what they ask of America is perfectly reasonable. all they want is for all “non-whites” to leave America in a peaceful manner or with “pure force”and none to be let back in which seems quite reasonable since they have been the indigenous population of America since 1492 when they asked the first group of “non whites” to “leave”. The still haven’t had any success with this campaign, however marching through a park with swastica flags seems to draw a bit of attention to themselves as it represents The short angry man that couldn’t grow more facial hair than a comma on his upper lip. but he was also a reasnoble man like Jeff in that he ordered 85 million people to “leave” their mortal lives.

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