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I believe that overall the descriptive technique and chosen vocabulary pushed the text “The girl with the dragon tattoo,” by Stieg Larsson past the fantastic screenplay directed by David Fincher. Both texts cover the story of Mikael Blomkvist a reporter in Sweden who recently lost a lot of money to a lawsuit .with his career in theaters he is contacted by Hendrik Vagner the head of a large family business and consequently is the head of his large Swedish family. He recruits Mikeal because he wants him to investigate the disappearance of his niece Harriet who disappeared 40 something years ago and he has never forgiven himself being sent the same pictures of flowers every year on the same day. As  Mikeal investigation is quite restricted until he requests an assistant and is appointed Lisbeth salander.together the solve a string of murders all linked to Martin Vagner and when Martin is confronted he openly admits that he killed all the girls but when asked about his Harriet he is confused and asked if there had been any revolutions in the investigation blatantly showing the reader that he wasn’t the killer this deeply confuses the reader as throughout the text hints are dropped which make the reader suspect martin.


I would recommend the book over the movie simply as the book goes into extensive detail but still leaves it up to the reader to interpret and envision both the characters and the scenery. In the movie, however, you are fed all these uniform characters and settings instead of your own imaginative creations.although I personally think that the book is superior, both the book and the movie are outstanding


These exemplars educate us about the world the world we live teaching the reader the asset that is both patience and persistence through Michaels long investigation he comes close to turning in but remains persistent finding leads and yet he is patient to let the investigation follow its path remaining hopeful at all time I believe that this helps the reader relates to Mikael and aspire to his persona. The other life lesson that these texts taught me is that the answer to your problems is often right in front of you and your focus may be clouding the truth but once you take a step back to reassess the situation the answer will make its self-seen as shown in the texts they did not perceive that Harriet may still be alive.


A sample from the text that I relate to myself is the quote “your not a person who encourages friendship,” this quote is from Armansky directed towards Salander. Salander has always known this as she has developed through life into a sheltered person due to the trauma she has induced throughout her life especially caused by men this is relatable as in today’s society women are reaching out for their rights and gaining more influence in society as Salander did in the shadows. “Around 7.00 he heard a large meowing a the door a reddish brown cat slipped swiftly past him into the warmth.” this cat becomes Mikael’s companion for some time and I believe filled the void that his mistress left when he moved north. The investigation is slow and steady when the cat is alive but once the cat showed up dismembered it enraged Mikael triggering the story gain momentum.I find this relatable as everyone needs a passion and a drive in order to succeed, I also relate to this as i have had many various pets in the past I have loved and cared for them but have also had to deal with their deaths.

In conclusion, I believe that both pieces complement each other although, I personally believe that the book goes into more descriptive detail and leaves it up to the mind in order to put details together and create a mental image of situations and characters whereas in the movies it is all given to the viewer visually. I do not believe this to be as effective as the book’s evidence and detail, which put it ahead of the screenplay by a long stretch.


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  1. Jay, your choice to look at the structure, language and characterisation of the written text (over the visual text) is a good one. However:
    – Please read through this response and edit details/add punctuation, so that your ideas are clearly expressed. Sentence breaks were needed; repetition needed to be removed, for “sense” in places.
    – Additional quotations to support Point One would be beneficial.
    – After discussing aspects of the text, and then making your point, relate your ideas back to the text. Doing so will ensure that the connection you are making is clear.
    – It would have been great if you have gone into more depth about the superiority of the novel over the film (with specific evidence); this would have been really interesting!


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