the quotes “It kills me sometimes, how people die.” and “I am haunted by humans.” show that death possesses emotions and is described to be a little bit human at points but this illusion is quickly destroyed when he shows no sympathy for the constant deaths of the start the colours death describes can be linked to a warm hopefull morning but he smothers this image by adding murky darkness into the mix.death constantly searches for colours that remind him of life and death these colours keep him motivated and keeps him moving as he needs to keep doing his job as he is constantly reminded that people live and die. white is a symbol of purity but in the image created it is connected with death as leisels brother dies and is buried in the white snow on the side of the railway.

black all ways represented death although the black swaztica represented peace in some communities and religions.this helps show Hitler’s illusion toward the people of Germany and how he made the swastica an international symbol of horror and death.

in the book thief deaths presences is somewhat overpowered by the worlds knowledge of Hitler and the atrocities that he committed during his reign. Zuzack uses this to let the audience trust death throughout the story all though he betrays Leisel by taking Rudy’s life

in human history, the idea of death is seen as a cruel person who takes the lives and soul from innocent people whereas when he is portrayed in the book theif he shares sympathy and human attributes although he claims that some humans stories bewilder him.and whereas Hitler and his communist belief though that the people should sacrifice for the good of the nation death believes in the peoples individual stories .

Their drivers were Hitlers and Hubermanns, and Maxes, killers, Dillers, and Steiners…” this quote shows that Hitler is equal to the other dead souls and that the atrocities that he committed during his mortal life made no difference to his afterlife contrary to many religious beliefs who believe that what you do in your mortal life depicts what your afterlife will be like .and through deaths point of view as he is the narrator Hitler is no different to rudy.





Analyse how the experiences of one or more characters were used for a particular purpose.


Zuzack uses death as the narrator to show how evil Hitler really was.

In the book, death is the narrator and isn’t seen as a bad guy the same cannot be said about Hitler this show that there it is not a comparison between Hitler and death but a contrast showing how evil Hitler truly is. this helps the reader befriend death a character that they would usually be weary of.death’s presence changes the atmosphere of the story but the connotations of Hitler as an individual overpower this presence.

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